[No longer needed] was: [Small job via remote] Walk me through configuration/installation of CGNS


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May 31, 2016
What do I want to do:
I need to use CGNS in combination with HDF5. The programming language is Fortran, and I want OpenMPI for an MPI implementation. The end goal is writing (and optional reading) the CGNS databases in MPI parallel, to be later imported e.g. in Paraview.

Starting point is a working installation of gcc and MPI wrappers using OpenMPI. OS is OpenSUSE Leap 15.3.
I need someone to walk me through (and explain along the way) the steps needed configure and compile HDF5 (The HDF5® Library & File Format - The HDF Group) and CGNS (CFD General Notation System) from source. And then link them properly for compiling with the gfortran MPI wrapper.

I tried for too long, and failed. So I am willing to pay someone to walk me through it. Shoot me a PM if you feel up to the task, so we can discuss payment and stuff. This will probably not take too long for someone who knows what they are doing, so either an hourly rate or fixed price is fine for me.

Or let me know here if you need more details.

Edit: seems like I was able to push through it with the help of some volunteers. Would have preferred paying someone to guide me through this mess though. Jesus Christ, how bad can the documentation be for such rather large and mature projects.
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