New Intel NVMe P4510 in "disable logical state" after 30 min

Discussion in 'Hard Drives and Solid State Drives' started by SaoPauloooo, Feb 18, 2019.

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    Feb 18, 2019
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    Hi all,

    At work, we had 5 out of 8 Intel P4510 8TB drives go bad in a new server (new drives) after 30 mins (<150GB) of testing/benchmarking.

    Trying to gauge if we just got lemons... or if BIOS settings or improper OS handling of NVMe could have killed the drives. How sensitive to misconfiguration are these drives? This is my first experience with NVMe, but in 25 years of using computers, I've never had anything die (or go into a unusable state) so quickly.

    I am not looking to drill down into exactly what happened (although I can provide more details). Just want some general consensus of what to expect with NVMe. Because this first experience does not instill confidence to trust it with critical data.

    And finally, does "disable logical state" mean the drive is potentially physically fine but its just in a weird state? I haven't found much info on the state, but just that they will have to be RMA'd.
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    This is something to ask vendor support about. That seems strange to me.
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    This is why you pay a premium for enterprise drives. Phone your account manager at Intel Storage division. Their regular workflow should be that they replace the SSD's with no questions asked, aside from trying to figure out what went wrong.

    Also, what board did you install them in? How are they configured? Is the board new and under warranty, or is it some random thing you dragged out of the hardware pile?

    This could be user error or a defective board, rather than defective SSD's.
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