Need RAM replacement advice


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Feb 8, 2019
Hey everyone, long time lurker, first time poster.

I'm currently running this board with dual X5650's. It's been great up until now, the past few days it has been hardlocking but has been difficult to diagnose since it's headless and Event Viewer is essentially clean.. I finally saw "uncorrectable memory error" at POST. I bought all of this used as a package.

Would something like this do the trick? Or is it no name crap that I'll be replacing 6 months from now?

I'm currently running 24gb 1333mhz of what looks to be HP memory. I'll just change out all the RAM at once. What RAM would you guys to replace the faulty module(s) with? Who is a reputable vendor to buy this RAM from? I'd like to keep this a pretty cheap repair. I'd really like to stick with ECC modules. I gotta admit it's pretty cool to still see a machine run for around 24 hours with known bad hardware. :)

Thank you!

EDIT: I was able to catch it with a BSOD. Machine Check Exception.
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