Need Help, getting BMC/IMPI recovered from a failed BMC firmware update.


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Nov 4, 2015
Hello to all,

I tried to install a BMC firmware update on a HP Cloudline CL3150 the other day, but I had a timeout in the update process.

After I could no longer log on to the WEBui, I disconnected the server from the power, then the system would no longer boot.

I do not get a picture displayed, nor do I get on the BMC web interface.
Also the fans do not spin up anymore.

the bmc system pings after 2-3 minutes for 10-12 sec, and then nothing happens.

during this pingable phase, i tried to login with SSH, Telnet and FTP , Http, but it didn't work.

it is this server :

it is not an ILO IMPI, one of these generic ones

there are a dip switch, i tried servals constellations but no luck.

I would be really grateful for any tips.