NAS Hyper-V performance for Server 2019 / 2022

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May 8, 2016
Looking for some insights from users of the performance of using a (QNAP or Synology) NAS for Windows 2019 or 2022 HyperV running on the NAS please?
I'm was going to build a server for a client (with 50 - 100 users) for file and print services and use a NAS just for storage. But also considering using just the NAS (but higher end, e.g QNAP TS-h686) for running the server OS virtualized as well as the file services on the NAS.

Experience and feedback appreciated.


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Mar 21, 2022
There is a lot more flexibility with separating the compute and storage. While there isn't a wrong to pack everything into a QNAP - you start getting limited on any future VMs/containers. If this just for File Services; can't it be done on the NAS itself or local storage on Hyper-V server?

There are alot of variables of NAS performance such as drives and hardware itself; in my experience as long as there is sufficient bandwidth and IOPs between Hyper-V server(s) and your NAS. Though with Hyper-V; I might be tempted to do iSCSI than SMB storage just for VM performance and resiliency. In that way when you need to grow; you just need go through failover cluster process to have the iSCSI NAS as shared storage