Monero Mining Docker Images - Intel Atom C2000, C3000 and KNL CPUs

Discussion in 'Processors and Motherboards' started by Patrick, Feb 12, 2017.

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    Just uploading Docker images for Intel Atom architecture based CPUs. These will follow a similar structure to others. I may eventually end up tagging them on the mainline or use tags for pools. Until then you can use these.

    So far it seems like Atom CPUs and Intel Knights Landing/ Xeon Phi x200 series CPUs perform best with nproc or nproc-1 cores. This is unlike the Core i3, i5, i7, Xeon E3, Xeon E5 and Xeon E7 generations. This image is just using nproc.

    Here is the one-liner for Minergate:

    docker run -itd -e servethehome/monero_cpu_minergate_nproc
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    And you arrived at this list how?
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