Mirror for OS Drive on WHS 2011


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Apr 5, 2011
Gridley, CA (near Sacramento)
I built a strange new server from spare parts discarded at work. I loaded the OS onto a disk on port 1 on the MB then after that I installed a new disk on Port 0 on the MB, I then went into the Disk Manager and created a Mirror from the first Partition (C:) to the new drive then I mirrored the remaining partition with what is left of the drive. I then tried to Mirror the hidden 100MB partion that windows uses and found out that I could not. I got an error message, don't remember what it was, but it stopped the process and was finished. I thought no big deal that's only the recovery portion and I really don't need it. But then I tested the new mirror when the synching was finished by pulling the drive in port 1 out and re-booting, but it would not boot from the new drive.

Does anybody know what I did wrong? Why can't I, or how do I, mirror the whole drive so it's a clone of the original??
What other simple RAID1 Solutions for my purpose are there?

By the way the computer was a old circuit board rack that I made 12 hard disk bays that have 4 drive Bays controlled by the Mother Board and 8 drive bays controlled by a IBM ServeRAID M5015 RAID card. The drives all plug in from the front, hotswappable, in a single row mounted vertically and plug into the backplane like a circuit board. They are all mounted onto a aluminum plate the size and thickness of a circuit board. Each drive has its own activity light (blue ultra bright) so it makes its own light show when it is running.