EU Micron DDR4 64GB PC4-2666V-L 4DRx4 GBP 200 or less

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    Stumbled over this one, currently 5 available but seller seems to have more.
    He offered 190 via Paypal or 180 cash on getting all 5, possible further rebate for more.
    Got not enough cash to spare unfortunately or I'd have gotten some for myself.

    Micron 64GB 4DRx4 PC4-2666V-L DDR4 2666Mhz 288Pin Load Reduced LRDIMM ECC Memory | eBay

    Seller does not seem to be in the biz, so not clear where he got the modules from. Also little similar sales and little activity in the past, so reason to be careful. Its Paypal so not too problematic otoh.
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