Mellanox ConnectX2 keeps disappearing (Windows 7)

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Aug 8, 2013
I purchased a few Mellanox ConnectX2 adapters and put them in my various machines.

Initial install went very well, all cards detected, peer to peer network established and functioning, 10 gig, great!

Then I rebooted my workstation, the card wasn't there anymore. I trek down to the equipment room (computers are all in the basement, network, USB and HDMI cables run to my office), pop the top, reseat the card and all is well again.

A day goes by, Windows needs another update, reboot, card is gone again....

Trek... reseat.... joy....

Do you see the pattern?

All the other machines are fine, this one is an X8 card in an X16 slot, any recommendations on things to try?