LSI 9264-8 no drive shown


New Member
Mar 14, 2021
hello i am building a home server and i am stuck on a Raid card issue. my system is xeon 5570 on a supermicro x8st3-f with ecc ram 12gb, and i am using windows server 19 as an OS. the board has sata and sas ports and my OS will only boot from the ssd on the onboard sataports. i have an LSI 9264-8 with correct cables and all is recognized with out any errs, i have 2 x 2tb HHD on this controller. and in megaraid software i have almost 8 tbs of space. windows server is not seeing these drives , it does see the raid card in device manager. raid is set in the bios of motherboard but its very old and limited and my drives are not seen that i can find in bios i looked under boot priority and also sata config but no drive. but i think its seeing only whats in the onboard config. the system runs great , its quiet and i think its running about 32c. i hope to use raid 5 or 6 with more drives. what could i be missing ? their are a few jumpers on the board but i think the raid card should bypass them . i do have new firmware updated from the lsi to avago but at post i cant boot into webios the cltr and h do not present. does firmware upgrade do away with it ? thanks new to server hardware.