Low idle power of a mini PC with gaming laptop CPU

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Jan 20, 2019
Bought a mini PC barebone from Minisforum. It equips with a gaming laptop CPU(intel) and dual i225 NICs.
The storage allows 1x 2280 m2 nvme slot and 1x sata drive. (Its sata cable looks like a specifically designed laptop part and very tiny. I think STHers here is familiar with other parts from the TinyMiniMicro PCs and CWWK quad-ports mini PCs already.)

Installed Proxmox VE 8. Idle power consumption is around 10-12 watts when only Proxmox VE itself is running without VMs and LXCs.

By the way, I appreciate that Miniforums support team is pretty helpful.

Update: Such low power consumption when idle, I am trying to run 24x7 with some LXCs for a while to see whether it can replace a wyse 5070.

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