Looking for help to choose the right HBA

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Dec 3, 2020
Hello forum,

i am running esxi and a ZFS-based NAS-system as guest on my new homeserver. I start to understand why it might be the better solution to install a extra HBA instead of using RDM with the onboard SATA-controllers.

Would be very happy if you guys could help me to chose the right HBA please. Here are my requirements:

- HBA should be prepared for ZFS
- 8 internal connectors are mandatory for SATA6Gb/s (or SAS Drives , but i dont have any sas drives right now and i am not sure if i will ever have some in my homeserver)
- SR-IOV support to passthrough channels individualy is mandatory
- if possible, PCIe 4.0 x1 would be nice, but PCIe up to x8 would also be OK
- external SFF-8644 connector for drive bay extension would be nice
- passive cooling would be nice

Thanks for support.