Looking for 2+ NVMe card without bifurcation need

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    Mar 30, 2017
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    Hey guys,

    it's becoming frustrating. I finally got hardware for a Xeon E-21xx system. Unfortunately, mainboard choices are very rare. I went Supermicro X11SCA-F.

    My requirement: TWO additional NVMe SSDs on ONE PCIe add on card.

    Seems no big deal. But: I purchased the Supermicro AOC-SLG3-2M2-P and it does not work.

    in Detail: I need a total of 4 NVMEs. 2 go onboard M.2. Fine. So I need 2 more. I could in theory use 2 AOC-SLG3-2M2-P cards. Tried it, works - each card populates 1 SSD. But then, the only remaining x4 slot on this particular board is shared with onboard M.2 connector #2. So if I put my Mellanox ConnectX in there, it won't be recognized.

    Seems a bit stuck here. What I am looking for is a 2 (or more) NVMe Adapter which does not rely on PCIe bifurcation.

    Any ideas?
  2. i386

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    Mar 18, 2016
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    Without pcie bifurcaton you will need an adapter with plx chips like the supermicro AOC-SHG3-4M2P
  3. pyro_

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    Oct 4, 2013
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    I believe that the qnap qm2 cards have a pcie splitter on them and support either 2 or 4 m2 drives depending on the model of the card. They are also low profile cards
  4. llowrey

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    Feb 26, 2018
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    Take a look at this dual m.2 x16 card:


    It uses a PCIe switch instead of relying on bifurcation. It isn't cheap, but nothing with an onboard switch will be.

    I haven't used one but it is of particular interest to me because I'm stuck on PCIe2 and this would allow me to get full bandwidth from 2 NVMes when the card is in a x16 PCIe2 slot.

    The one amazon review confirms that this will work on older platforms that do not support bifurcation.
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  5. nerdalertdk

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    Mar 9, 2017
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    I'm looking for the same thing, what did you end up with ?
  6. workingnonstop

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    Feb 24, 2016
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    Broadcom makes some tri-mode (SATA/SAS/NVME) HBAs that may fit the bill for you. See here - SAS/SATA/NVMe Host Bus Adapters

    I believe there are breakout cables available that allow for 2 NVME drives/port.
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