Lab upgrade?


Jun 2, 2017
It's that time for me, I'm looking to upgrade my lab...this will be kind of a downgrade for me at this point!
Currently running 3 SuperMicro x9dri-ln4f+ in a CSE-815, each with 256G of Ram and 2x E-2630 xeon processors. I am running a 10G network on HP NC523SFP DUAL PORT 10Gb and a Ubiquiti US-16-XG.

Storage is a 40TB freeNas on similar hardware with less ram

I currently run Server 2019 on the three CSE-815 in a clustered hyper-v set up, generally I am running between 10 & 100 VMs (Most a flavor of Windows, some linux here and there)... I have noticed when I hit about 10 VMs on a node, the VMs become slow/sluggish, I believe this is network related as all of my storage is over 10G and if I move the VMs to local storage on a node, they are much...MUCH better! I can accept some degradation but at times it's unbearable!!!

So, I'm looking at upgrades, newer hardware, faster CPU/Memory looking for a "complete" server class (rack) system that either has buildin 10G(fiber) or can accept my NICs...

Any suggestions these days? I'ld like to stay under 1K for each server


New Member
Oct 27, 2020
I'm running a 2 node S2D cluster on Supermicro MBD-X10SRL-F-B with E5 2670 v3s 128 GB RAM dual 40Gbe ConnectX 3 E/W dual 10 Gbe N/S each node has 3 DC P4600 2TB and 28 3TB SAS HDDs. System works great I get 3GB r/w inside VMs and 1GB+ as network storage. I have a third X11 system with an E3 1275v5 as an standalone DC, the file share witness and an ISCSI target for backups of the nodes. All in all I am very happy with the system overall.