Just a big "I Love You Guys"


Active Member
Nov 27, 2016
As an active IT guy both professionally and personally, I have been around the net and a member of many different forums.

I even have been a moderator (Wide Screen Gaming Forum) and reviewer (NotebookReview.com)

I have to say, of all the communities I have been a part of both as just a spectator or a big active member who has major contributions and influence. This community here has been my favorite and offered me an opportunity to learn and grow more than any other.

Simply put there are people here with more knowledge than me, more money than me (jealous), and equal passions to mine. What I have found is a friendly, welcoming area where nobody ever seems to hesitate to offer guidance and not once have I seen that bitter scoff of "I know more than you" or "I am better than you" that you tend to find in elitist communities.

I mean seriously I do not know how hard the mods have to work to keep the place clean, but I just do not see it. It's almost as if the culture of the place has formed this peaceful, professional, and knowledgeable watering hole that I love to come to every day just to see what is going on and what new there is to learn for the day.

The only negative I see is that I now have an expensive gear fetish, but I hope my passion grows to a career where I can afford my hobbies :)