Interesting things you didn't know you could do with ZFS by Allan Jude


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Feb 8, 2012
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I think the Coming Soon info is the most interesting

I copied them below so you don't have to click through Starts at 48min in the video

A lot of new things are coming to ZFS “Soon”™
● Resumable Send
● Replication Record Checksums
● Receive Prefetch
● Compressed ARC
● Persistent L2ARC
● VDEV Removal (Stripe and Mirrors Only)
● Allocation Throttle (Write Bandwidth)
● New Prefetch Algorithms
● More Checksums (SHA512, Skein, Edon-R)
● Compressed Send
○ Current Process: Uncompress, Transmit, Compress
○ New Process: Transmit, Uncompress, Compress
○ Since network is usually bottleneck, this achieves better performance. Maybe it could avoid the recompress step as well, if algos are the same​
● Channel Programs (Multiple Commands In a Single Atomic Transaction)
● Fast File Cloning
● Dedup Throttle (and Dedicated DDT L2ARC)
● JSON CLI Output
● Replication Rebase (Catch up to a newer snapshot without a common snapshot)
● HA/FO Features (Multi-Modifier Protection)
● Clustered Features
● Tiered Storage (NVMe/SSD -> HDD ->Tape)
● Compatibility with Host-Aware SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) Drives
● Per dataset I/O stats
● Per dataset or jail/zone I/O QoS
● Separate VDEVs for Metadata, or Datasets


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Dec 31, 2010
Very innovative features.
If I would be able to wish, I would additionally dream for (Illumos)

- SMB 2/3 (available in SAMBA, Solaris and NexentaStor but missing in free Illumos CIFS)
- common ZFS encryption in OpenZFS (BSD, Illumos, Linux)
opt with some sort of a user dependent data encryption ex dependent to a user pw
to allow some sort of "admin save" encryption on access
- fast sequential resilvering in OpenZFS (like Solaris)
- hardware independent booting (ex boot any hardware from one Sata or USB bootdevice)
would allow a preconfigured "Live Stick/Disk"
- some included HA/ clustering support regarding SAS failover or in services like CIFS, iSCSI or NFS

- Ldap support not only AD
- included support for ESXi tools with vmxnet3

OmniOS installer
- with a basic network setup
- setup infos with a noticeable contrast between text and background

some news, see
OpenZFS Developer Summit 2015 - OpenZFS

more, anything, anyone ??
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Dec 31, 2010
At the end someone has to pay for the party
First commercial interest is to include features into the own product, second ist to evolve the common platform.

Unlike Oracle improvements, features from Delphix, Joyent, Nexenta or Omniti are often upstreamed to the common Illumos code base or there is a chance that this happens after some time as they are mostly under an OSS license.

Unless enterprises like Intel, Apple, HP, Dell or big universities do not care about a free Solaris/ZFS more seriously, development is focussed on a common interest mainly of the above four.

On the other hand, this focus with only a small group of developers and involved enterprises gives us a very stable and minimalistic storage OS that is quite feature complete for many tasks with a strong focus to one solution for one problem (unlike Linux).

The attention that ZFS gets nowadays in the Linux world may help to improve common (BSD, Linux, Solarish) ZFS features.