Intel Core i3-8100 Benchmarks and Review Low Cost Server Processor

Discussion in 'STH Main Site Posts' started by John Lee, Oct 29, 2018.

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    Just wanted to say thank you to John. I am personally in crunch mode with tons of travel and events Oct-Nov this year. John offered to take over some of what are now the more "formulaic" articles like this i3-8100 review where we have a well established template.

    We have been falling behind and have data for more CPUs than we can publish on, so this should help with throughput.

    Also, there may be some firsts for major sites in the charta here as I gave the OK to include E-2100 results from the CPUs released earlier this year.

    Thanks again John for his help.
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    It's $129 now on Amazon. For $20 less it's saying you just want two cheeseburgers and beers less performance.
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