Installation Issue of FreeNAS (GPU)

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Dec 27, 2017
Hello Everybody,

I just bought all my compnents for my FreeNAS DIY-Server and the last item should arrive tomorrow.

But now i tried to learn how to install my OS on the device.

Neither my CPU nor my Motherboard has a GPU so my question is, does the System install itself on another USB Stick or do i need a GPU to install the system ?

If yes, can i turn the GPU off after the installation ? I don‘t want the GPU to use electricity when in Server-Mode.

Or is it possible To use an external device maybe another pc with a gpu who just gives Graphit power to the freenas ?

I hope you can help me and


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Nov 10, 2015
I see no reference to your board having IPMI, or any kind of BMC for that matter on the ASUS spec sheet. I think the X99 WS/IPMI has an ASpeed BMC though, with an i-KVM module that you can get for it. The reason I asked is that those BMC's usually have some sort of GPU in them, in any case, with i-KVM you would have been able to perform your install remotely over an Ethernet connection :)


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Mar 6, 2014
I'd agree - no IPMI.
So you need to add any GPU for installation which you can remove afterwards.
Depending on your CPU you might be able to use the CPU built in GPU to perform the installation - but I assume you will use a Xeon CPU and not an i7, so that won't work then