Idea for final project in Advanced Database Management class

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Mar 15, 2013
Hello STH,

Long time lurker, though I do not believe first time poster. I know a lot of guys on this forum are dbas or otherwise involved in database management. I'm looking for a topic for my class I just started, and I figure maybe you would have some snappy ideas. Any ideas you could share would be appreciated. I will have access to the standard MSDN for students with SQL server, and I believe I could use Oracle or DB2 or whatever else if I waned to, but would prefer to use SQL Server since that is what work uses. I will do my utmost not to call upon anyone for assistance unless I get massively blocked, my intention is to select a project I can accomplish myself with effort (as I believe it should be).

Just started CS 779 - Advanced Database Management. A requirement of the class is to do a term project of my own design on an advanced database topic. I'm leaning towards an implementation project, but I am not able to determine a good research topic at this time. I am looking for ideas for a project, I have to submit it by weeks end, and I have to complete it in the next 6 weeks with a paper and presentation. Here is the guidance I received:

Your Term Project will require that you create a significant project on an advanced database topic of your choice. These should be research topics at the Masters level, which means that they do not need to be original research, but can report on existing products, technology, or any aspect of advanced database technology. Most projects include some implementation or demonstration, but more theoretical projects are also quite welcome. If you do an implementation provide your facilitator with the source code. You can incorporate open source or other legally obtained software in your projects, but you must clearly identify it in both the textual report and the source code.

Examples of Past Projects

A small OLTP database, an associated one-fact-table dimensional schema, and PL/SQL code to populate the fact from the database.
A survey of Unicode and internationalization support in Oracle, DB2, and MSSQL, particularly Unicode databases.
A survey of database programming in MySQL using the ANSI standard database programming language.
An analysis of the relative advantages of pure object-oriented and object-relational databases.
An analysis and exploration of the query performance and details of different ways of using XML in Oracle
Demonstration of the import of XML weather data from a NOAA web service into a decision support database
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Feb 20, 2012
San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Not that I know anything about what makes a good masters thesis in 2013, but how about:

1) An analysis/comparison of the "fitness" of relational databases, key-value databases, and Hadoop applied to certain common use cases, with examples. Hint: Hadoop is great for some tasks and awful for others.
2) Comparing database automatic parallel query (e.g. Oracle), client-mediated automatic sharding (e.g. shard-query), and manual sharding applied to queries of varying complexity.
3) Column-oriented versus Row-oriented databases applied to data warehouse (star schema) queries - who wins when the queries start to get "wide" and/or the number of dimension attribute filters gets large?
4) RDF query performance of Oracle versus triple databases.
5) How do SSD drives change the database landscape - optimum deployment architecture, price performance, and so on.


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Oct 13, 2012
also the RAD tools are important, and cloud services (azure, always on). Oracle is scale-out, sql server is scale-up (mostly).

The developer version of SQL SERVER is enterprise so you get a ton of features that "standard" doesn't include.

Both are excellent choices and light years advanced over mysql.


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Oct 12, 2012
SQL Server TDE (transparent data encryption)- this would be a nice project, to compare performance between encrpyted and not encrypted database with different types of queries.

TDE only comes with SQL Server Enterprise and Developer.

Part 1 - Installing TDE

Part 2 - benchmarks of TDE vs not TDE

Part 3 - disaster recovery with TDE
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Mar 30, 2012

Contribute a benchmark script for an in-memory NoSQL or MariaDB benchmark to the STHbench project on the forums.

Have people here run the script over many new types of hardware.

Do performance analysis of benchmark + different architectures

Would beat everyone else since you contributed to a community driven project and would get more data than your classmates. Oh, and benchmarks are useful.


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Mar 23, 2019
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