Hunsn "router" 4 port 2.5GB/s and memory compatibility 2400 vs 2666


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Sep 4, 2020

Does a 2666MT/s 16 GB DDR4 SoDimm work in the Hunsen/topton pc recently reviewed? I know the Hunsn specs says 2400MT/s

I bought a Hunsn 4 port mini pc with no memory and storage as recently reviewed on STH on Amazon(NL) in the Hunsn store. It is still lobster shipped, so takes a month to arrive.

I bought it without storage and ram because the offerings on Amazon were a bit crazy.

From another vendor I accidentally bought 16 gb 2666 MT/s SoDimm from Crucial instead of 2400 MT/s.
Should I send it back?

Today I received, a bit confusing autotranslated email from Hunsn to ensure that I buy the right memory of 2400 MT/s with 1Gb modules.

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Feb 13, 2022
I want to say that it should work, but I can't say that for sure. A higher speed module should still work, it may even have SPD timings for 2400 MHz. I don't have experience with this configuration, only with mixing speeds (2666 with 2400) on a different platform and it does work that way, dual channel and everything (both channels run at 2400). Hope someone more experienced will chime in.