HPE DL385 Gen10 Dual EPYC Server


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Mar 30, 2012
I saw this one today

Sure the EPYC 7251 sucks, but you can probably buy that server, sell the CPUs, use new CPUs and get a server including some RAM for not a lot. 64GB is still a few hundred these days. 2x 32GB too.

If you got $250 for the CPUs and assume the ram is $125 / stick that's $750 for the RAM and CPUs. $1300 for the server so you're at $550 for the server.

It'll only take ddr4-2933 but it should be upgradeable to Rome right? Even if not you can pickup some 16 or 24 core gen1 epycs cheap.

Has all the fans, quad 1G, and it looks like it has a SmartArray SAS controller too.

Maybe need to swap PSUs but maybe not.

There's cheap FlexLOMs like the 40G Mellanox ones for that slot.

$550 for the heatsinks, fans, chassis, 500W PSU, SmartArray is a good deal. It's less than a lot of dual EPYC motherboards only.
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