HP T730 8GB RAM 32GB Storage Thin Client

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    Eh, see my thread about using the t730 as an ESXi hypervisor (mine currently have at least 2 WinS16 VM instances at home and at least 3 Debian VMs).

    It's actually more practical than a NUC since:
    a) It can support more than one NIC (the Broadcom fiber and the Realtek)
    b) It has a PCIe x8 slot (so mine drives 40GbE to the NAS)
    c) It has as much horsepower as a Skylake i5 NUC (it's basically the embedded version of the AMD fx7600p APU found in gaming laptops) and a cousin of its APU (RX421BD, based on Excavator instead of Steamroller) can be found on the relatively new QNAP TVS-x73 storage appliances.

    That being said, I am waiting for my t740 to ship.
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    Ummmm...both? I work from home. :D
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