HP Gen8 DL380p - rear drive slot ports not recognizing SSDs


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Jun 18, 2022
I have a DL380p where i'm trying to coax life into the 13th and 14th S-ATA connectors that are on the back side of the LFF front. Normally these are used to attach two extra drives in a rear drive cage, but since this is a Datacenter spec without those i was hoping to simply connect two SSDs to the ports:

In order not to lose two storage drives for a trivial modern boot drive setup. They do however, unsurprisingly, not show up in the Smart Storage Administrator utility. After consulting /r/homelab it's starting to dawn on me that these need some sort of trickery to work... Since the only reference i can find to these HDD13 and HDD14 connectors is here from @audiophonicz , i thought i'd try my luck. Any ideas?