HP c3000/c7000 PSU Communication

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    As you know, there are serial communication pins on the HP Common Slot PSU. I would like to know if anyone out there with a c3000 or c7000 chassis or knowledge of the system can identify if any of the following circumstances take place between the PSU, chassis, and blade:
    Communication solely between Chassis and PSU
    PSU communicates with chassis, then chassis sends information to blade on PSU's behalf or mixed with chassis' own information of or from PSU
    PSU communicates with both chassis and blade directly
    PSU directly, and only, communicates with blade

    This is in a study to determine if a WS460c expansion blade requires PSU or related logic to correctly function. Fed in to the backplane connector.

    If there is indeed direct communication between the PSU and blade, may I kindly ask which blade backplane pins connect to which PSU slot pins?

    I understand it's a blade, and the implications of. But this may be the last bit of crucial information for a functional ws460 + gpu expansion.

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