How to find in saved MSM configuration file array parameters (stripe size)

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New Member
Sep 15, 2023
LSI MegaRAID SAS9264-8i
firmware 2.130.403-4660
Windows 11
driver version 6.714.18.0

after some power failures two arrays became in Foreign state.
but Scan Foreign Configuration is "Error Read Foreign Configuration"

find this:

Recreating an array which cannot be imported through Scan Devices or Scan Foreign configuration:

If the foreign configuration will not import, you can safely recreate the array if the drives are still in order, you know the RAID mode and the stripe block size.
If there is foreign configuration data on the drives, the foreign configuration must be cleared first.

first, I have saved configuration file, but I create two additional arrays after this last save and not want have troubles to restore these new arrays.
second, I not remember stripe block size for needed array

how in saved configuration file find and determine stripe block size for array?

array RAID1 name PhotoBackUp (configuration file attached)