How significant of an issue is cable compatibility for 10gb and up?


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Nov 27, 2017
Jmho.. If you're doing 40g and going over a few meters I suggest going optical via transcievers and OM4 duplex. Probably cheaper and easier for cable management.. JMHO
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May 6, 2011
Niagara Falls, Canada
Thanks, I'm leaning towards that. Some opinions here and here are that the increased latency of AOC vs DAC is not something I need to be concerned about. I was concerned since I'm using this for remote desktop and that could have affected responsiveness.

A Mellanox rep instructed me to only purchase cables they tested.There's no dedicated thread on these forums about this, but some individual posts talked about compatibility problems.

On my first post one of the deals is a Mellanox branded AOC cable ($50CAD cheaper than, but it is not on their compatibility list. Is there a risk of incompatibility even with one of their own cables?

All these cables conform to standards so I would expect there to be very little if any incompatibility. Is there something unique about higher speed networking that makes standardization difficult?
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