How a very large ZFS pools configured ?

Discussion in 'FreeBSD and FreeNAS' started by Fritz, May 13, 2016.

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    It's pretty darn hard to 'agree' with this when he isn't willing to disclose any facts or any of his alleged methods. Gets worse when he starts using well known con artist techniques like his latest I won't talk about it until we meet in person.

    This is pure and total FUD. Unless and until there are defensible facts and references presented he deserves no more audience here.

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    The Flash gurus at work are saying that the controller lanes on the flash burn out. Quite obviously the firmware has some logic in there that knows how FAT and NTFS typically work and the random looking pattern that you get through the encryption layer isn't expected. Keep in mind the manufacturers want you to do encryption by buying their encryption-carrying products.

    Limited amount of controller lanes on consumer SATA SSDs also is why they can go excessively non-responsive where there is too much being written and you suddenly want a block read. You'll have to wait for the potentially very expensive block operation to be finished before you can have a lane for your read request.
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    Did you OP the consumer drives, or were they at max capacity. There was a select few of drives back in early 2011 / 2012 that will die a premature death with Encryption that I recall vaguely..

    No, I cannot confirm my source, as honestly, it's been a while.

    I can provide some S3710s as tribute, as long as you can give me a reproducible set of instructions =)
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    Was a bug in the Intel 320 series IIRC, caused a fair stir at the time.
    Firmware update now available - Addresses Bad Context 13x Error

    wind-up now seems to be going for full-on conspiraloon in that there are now datastreams that cause drives to self-destruct because they want you to buy more expensive drives, because the controller is expecting to see some special FAT/NTFS stuff* and when it doesn't get it, it gets upset and sets fire to itself. Utter tripe and tosh.

    * Not quite sure what that has to do with the ZFS of the thread but I think we left Kansas behind some time ago, maybe the wizard will give me a heart. If people seriously think that SSD controllers have a fundamental understanding of filesystem formats, and won't work properly without understanding them, then I think you need to have a long, hard look at your "gurus". Or maybe even a wikipedia page?

    Well said.
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