EU HGST 4U SAS3 12GB/s Storage Enclosure 60 bays £299


Aug 11, 2016
Full and Full are different things ... you know physical size might not be related to (peak) power draw.

You should try to get a rough feeling for what you use everyday vs peak vs minimum config for blackout times.

I upgraded recently since I was not happy with runtime and now have a SMX1500 + extension and a secondary SMX2200 (I got relatively cheap), but have not properly distributed things yet.
The 1500x (with extension) claims 1:30 runtime at current 50% utilization.
Depending on your draw it might take quite a bit to cover 3hrs ... maybe consider an optional blackout plan (running most important services on less boxes)
Hmm I was assuming worst case scenario if someday my rack is filled with 60 drives
, although it seems unlikely cause the older ones always fail first before i put a newer drive..

Thanks though, i think i'm gonna try SURT6000XLI with one or 2 backup extension modules.
there's a seller offering a used unit cheap here..

Although this multiple (48) batteries system kinda concern me,
i heard that if one battery fail, that module will stop working,
i thought it would work like redundant psu
Nov 23, 2014
Does anyone have an update for the G2 version that's more recent than 0061 (4U60G2_STOR_ENCL 0061)? I'm specifically hoping for lower fan rpm.