Help me price my stuff - massive server hardware cleaning


I'm here to learn
Nov 25, 2012
Portland, Oregon
I bought a gun a while back and that's all I really think about these days. I was going to use all this stuff for a mini-vmware lab but I'm a DBA now and not in IT. Much respect for the IT guys, though.

This will help me figure out if I can get a decent price for the stuff (I understand this stuff is used, but I try to take care of my stuff) I want to sell or if I should just keep it. I list Ebay as a price reference. I really would not like to deal with them or their fees (paypal is bad enough).

I bought socket protectors on ebay, static wrap, and have a good shipping franchise nearby that I ship only via fedex or ups. Everything would come shipped very well. And since I know everything works, everything is guaranteed to be non-DOA.

Recently got this from a fellow member at ServeTheHome

Mellanox ConnectX-3 EN 40 Gigabit ethernet cards (2)
  • Working pull
  • Still in OEM packaging
  • Model number MCX313A-BCBT
  • An International eBay listing has these for 560 USD, each! yikes
  • Google shopping lists them for about 500 new
  • Thinking of listing each at 400 USD, free shipping - thoughts?

Mellanox Fiber Optic Cable for use with the 40GBe cards
  • Working pull
  • Still in OEM packaging
  • has them the cable for like 400 USD
  • Such a niche product though, same with the above cards
  • 60+ foot cable, nice for connecting up a noisy storage array or something from another room
  • Thinking of asking 325 for the cable shipped

Combo: for the whole set 725 USD - just because I don't think the market for these is very large, thoughts?

  • Newly RMA'd from Evga
  • Bought from Newegg a few months back
  • OoS at newegg
  • Ebay shows they go for 500USD or more
  • Ran prime95 stable with gskill ripjaw 1866 8GB ram at 3.8Ghz using dual intel x5660s
  • Is asking 575 usd shipped a good price?

Next mobo:

Supermicro X8DTE-F
  • Standard workhorse motherboard
  • Would ship with two Intel Xeon L5520s free
  • 6 x8 pci-e slots
  • Only one sold on the 4th of December (via eBay) without cpu's for 250, thinking 260 + 15 USD shipping, thoughts?

Note I have a SuperMicro chassis that I got for the motherboard and a 500W supermicro PSU, not sure how to offer these as they are heavy

Next Intel CPUs:

2x Intel L5639s
  • Ebay has them going for 120 or so, per cpu
  • Would 200 for the both shipped or 110 per be fair? (really have no use for one, so selling both would be awesome)

2x Intel X5650s
  • The eBay listings are all over the place: someone got one for 80 USD, the rest go for 175 USD or more
  • Thinking of listing both on the F/S thread for 315 USD shipped, thoughts? (again, would rather sell both)

Next I've got lots and lots of ram:

I have 42 sticks of Samsung 4GB Registered DDR3 ECC ram
Memory for less has them for 33 bucks a piece. Granted those are new so I'd ask 27.50 per stick shipped, or 1050 USD for all 42 of them. Too rich, or selling myself short?

4 of them sold on eBay a while back for 50 bucks but there aren't that many listings.

Next I've got 16 sticks of Micron ram used in IBM servers. Serial number: mt36jszf51272pz -1g4f1dd
Low profile, with heatsink, 4GB modules. I can't find a price for them. I'm thinking 20 USD shipped per, or 300 USD for all of them shipped, thoughts?