h11ssl/amd epyc ssd raid setup


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Nov 9, 2019
i have h11ssl-i ver2.0
i have 970 evo 256 gb
and 2x adata xpg sx8200 pro 512gb
so i asking for help

i will use 970 evo as a boot drive and use the two sx8200 pro in raid 0 as a high speed drive.
i will use the 970 evo in the only m.2 slot in the board
i read that if you want the maximum performance of your ssd raid in amd epyc /threadripper.
you should balance your ssd drives across dies of processor (as amd epyc / threadripper is 2 dies connected together with infinity fabric)
according to supermicro manuel the slot 1,2,3 connected to die 1 and slot 4,5 and m.2 slot connected to die 2

so what the optimum setup put each drive in different slot (2,5) or it doesn't matter and put the 2 drives in same adapter (what i read was wrong)?
i am new to this ,so i don't know much

thanks in advance