-Gone- SuperMicro 5028R-E1CR12L

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Feb 19, 2021
I found these on ebay; I've already bought a couple and I think they are an amazing deal. There are still 4 available as of this post. Core4 and Rhino seem to be the same seller when you buy one it depletes inventory from both. I ordered from Core4.
SUPERMICRO 5028R-E1CR12L 12X 3.5 2X2.5 X10 2U SERVER | eBay
SuperMicro 5028R-E1CR12L 2U LFF Rackmount Server | eBay

The seller is selling a 5028R-E1CR12L barebones without pictures for $209. They will accept $200 but it took them a day to approve it.

It's a SuperMicro 2U 12x3.5" SAS3 Hot-swappable NAS that takes Xeon E3/E5 1600's or 2600's V3/V4 and DDR4 ECC.

I recieeved: the chassis (826b), 2x 920SQ Super Quiet Hot Swap Power Supplies, The Motherboard (x10SRH-CLN4F), SAS3 Backplane (BPN-SAS3-826EL1), Air Shroud, 2U Passive Heatsink (SNK-P0048PS), Rear window 2x 2.5" hot swap add-on (MCP-220-82616-0N), 12 x 3.5" drive trays (MCP-220-00075-0B).

You will receive everything listed in the parts list from supermicro with the exception of the rack mount rails and the 2 x 2.5" hot swap ssd trays on the back (you get the dock but not the 2.5" trays).
FYI: I threw in a E5-2637v3 (4-core/8t@3.5GHZ) $62 off ebay) and I had extra ecc memory from some of my x10sdv builds. Without drives it is consuming about 75watts at idle. It is very very quiet. In fact I own the Brocade 7250-24p thanks to these forums and it is louder than this 5028r-E1CR12L server. Very very happy! All cables and everything was included. Its like they pulled out the 3.5 drives but left the trays, pulled out the 2.5 and didn't leave the trays, and pulled out the ram and cpu. Otherwise it looks just like the supermicro website pictures... (I tried to upload pictures but Site restrictions are to tight)

Serve The Home Links:
Supermicro Links:
SC826BE1C-R920LPB | 2U | Chassis | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc.
X10SRH-CLN4F | Motherboards | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc.
Full System:
5028R-E1CR12L with Part List | SuperStorage | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc.
Feb 19, 2021
forgot to mention the onboard SAS3 3008 controller came flashed in IT mode already using version 10. I flashed mine to version 16 using the .bat file fro supermicro website for this system. It worked flawlessly.
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Nov 24, 2018
Denver, Colorado
smoking deal. X10SRH (SAS3008!) ~150, 2x SQ PSU, ~70-100 (total 140+), 826 with rear x 2 and SAS3 EL1 expander, 100-120..

US Ship included!

that is a smoking deal even if you wanted just the motherboard and PSU's...


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Feb 14, 2013
Nice, this is a good deal. In for 3 of these to replace my aging C6100 in the colo.

Looking forward to the power savings and more expandability.

Thanks OP!
Feb 19, 2021
FYI Supermicro Site has DDR4 New (Hynix) cheaper than ebay.

Search the supermicro store for the motherboard X10SRH-CLN4F and it will list you al the different ram modules. From what I can tell SM is about $10 cheaper new than ebay's used...


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May 23, 2015
Absolute steal, thank you for sharing, even if i didnt get 1;).
Feb 19, 2021
I really only briefly looked at the 32 GB modules for my friend when I was looking. Your right it's a mixed bag. You can find them cheaper used on ebay then the SM site. Especially if your not looking for just 32GB.
Jun 22, 2015
I bought one of the last 4! I am planning to build an all-in-one server with pfsense, a file server and a bunch of windows vms. I started to try it out in the weekend and have the following impressions:
It's really server-room friendly noise wise -- meaning that you don't need any fan tweak and simply set the fan speed to optimal and the noise is ok in a server room setting. It doesn't have any start up siren sound or low frequency groans and hums similiar to that's coming out of my 836TQ. If you work in the same room though you will need to do more since it's still quite audible high frequency wise.
The bios was pretty old (dated 2014!) I had to put in a 2620v3 to do a BIOS update in order to run a broadwell on it.
Some mod I did was to take off the rear 2 drive 2.5" back plane and put two nvme u.2 drives there. I have a spare pex nvme switch adapter that I got from aliexpress which I used to connect the two drives. The down side is that there was quite a bit more wire clutter introduced but it seems the air flow is ok at the back of the two nvme drives.
If you do plan to get this model make sure you do some research on the pci lanes available. Basically there are only 3 electrical x8 slots available. Another one x4 in PCIE 3.0 and a x4 in PCIE 2.0. There is another x2 in 2.0. The latest BIOS does support PCIE bifurcation on all the x8 slots.
Another downside is that if you use all 8 sticks of dimm the speed will downgrade to ddr4-2133, uness you have LRDIMMs.
Overall I like how the system was designed. There were a lot of attention to details like the rubber grommets mounting the fan assembly and how the wires are arranged. The external 8644 connectors are really nice if you need future expansions.