Getting started with dockers and containers


Apr 21, 2020
Hi all. Is there a thread or a good web read that helps prime a newbie for using dockers and containers? I'm not an engineer or programmer, just a hobbyist. I want to install one machine in a small rack, and that machine will serve files, run Blue Iris (BI requires Windows and Intel GPU access), and then I'd like to set up one or two programs to run on their own.

My understanding is that dockers and containers allow me to set up a separate instance of some sort, and if I modify, nuke or redo one of these items, the other instances are not affected.

I can do this with Hyper V on Windows, or using another VM on top of Windows or Linux, but my initial understanding is this is not necessary, and using dockers and containers reduces overhead to free up for other software.

Thank you for your feedback...


New Member
Oct 2, 2020
Are you looking for storage enclosures? They are a huge variety in the market but I have been using icy dock's enclosures. What drives are you looking to use?