EU [FS&WTB] EU-DE - SWAP: 48x32GB -> 24x64GB RDIMM 3200, WTB: EPYC 7763 or equivalent, Broadcom Trident switches, ConnectX-6, 7050QX-32S

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Aug 17, 2020

Too expensive? Make me a reasonable offer!

I can ship internationally if required. All goods are located in Darmstadt, Germany.

I have 48x identical 32GB DDR4-3200 RDIMMs (Micron MTA36ASF4G72PZ-3G2)
I want to SWAP against 24x identical 64GB DDR4-3200 RDIMMs


Willing to pay for international shipping if the price is right.

- 3x EPYC 7763 or OEM (like 7C13)


- 1x Ruckus SmartZone SZ124 (please no SZ104)


- Different kinds of ConnectX-6: ConnectX-6 Dx Dual Port, ConnectX-6 Dual Port with Socket Direct Kit, ConnectX-6 Lx


2x Arista 7050QX-32S with P2C (PSU to Connector) / Rear to Front airflow (blue handles) - please only 32S, i.e. the 4 SFP+ version

- 1x Ruckus SmartZone SZ124 (please no SZ104)

- 2x Ruckus / Brocade 7250-24

Whitebox switch:

Looking for Trident based switches, like

Edge Core AS7726-32X
Quanta T7032-IX7
Quanta T4048-IX8

- 2U Double Density chassis, i.e. 48x2.5" @ 2U or 24x3.5" in 2U like Supermicro 826S, Chenbro RM25324
- Supermicro 747 new rev (must have ability to mount rear fans)


1x Supermicro X10SRi
soon, still in use, need to be disassembled and checked, no pricing yet. Make me an offer if you're interested.

(All sales are private, so no VAT or invoice)

Payment via PayPal F&F or bank transfer.
I am located in Darmstadt, Germany and willing to ship internationally (usually via UPS)

All prices are negotiable, just make me offers!

- 6x Supermicro 826, but new must be rev (rear window with hole for rear SSD kit, PDB-PT826-8824 power distributor)
- 1x Supermicro 847, non-JBOD, SAS3 - I don't need the motherboard (commonly X10DRI-T4+) or any other accessories, I've got everything

Found everything thanks to Luke @ rhino technology group!

1x ICX7150-24 or 6450-24
Found on ebay

up to 12x Mellanox dual port QSFP28 cards (ConnectX-5 preferred but they're quite expensive, so I'll also take ConnectX-4)
Bought 20 CX456A, thanks to Luke @ rhino technology group!

QSFP28 cables:
1m (3ft), 1.5m (5ft), 2m (7ft) - each up to 12pcs.
QSFP28->QFP28 breakouts: 2m / 3m, 4pcs
Found on ebay

1x Ruckus R730 (WW00 - worldwide version)

I'm selling this Ruckus R730 (901-R730-WW00) Access Point. AP has been used with vSZ firmware.The Ruckus R730 is one of the best high-end 802.11ax Wifi6 Wifi Access Points from the Enterprise category. Ruckus is commonly seen as one of the best, if not THE best, manufacturer of Enterprise Wifi Access Points, beating consumer and prosumer brands like Ubiquiti or Mikrotik by a huge margin.

The R730 supports 12 streams (8x8:8 for 5GHz, 4x4:4 for 2.4GHz), allowing a maximum data rate of 4800MBit/s at 5GHz und 1148 MBit/s at 2.4GHz. It has a 5GBit RJ45 port (with PoE input, 802.3bt recommended) and one 1GBit RJ45 port.

The AP supports up to 1024 clients simultaneously. The AP is the -WW00 version - that means all bands are unlocked (in opposite to the US00 version which has a region lock for USA)

The R730 AP is in excellent condition and fully functional.

MEDIA=imgur a/90D64qo /MEDIA

Price: 100€ + shipping (or best offer)
1x Mellanox SN2100 in perfect condition + MTEF-KIT-D
I think there is not a lot that needs to be said about this switch. Probably the wet dream of every homelabber:

Powerful, power efficient, enterprise 100G networking.

The SN2100 has 16x 100GBit ports, 9.5in width (you can mount two in 1U with the railkit), redundant PSUs, Layer 3 with Wirespeed, RoCE support, stable enterprise software, not EOL...

Power Consumption and noise is incredibly low! 36W IDLE with fans spun down, 42W with two ports linked, doesn't increase much when you add more ports. Fans spin down to 7k RPM after ~20mins and noise level is low enough to place it in a closet.

Railkit included! Switch comes together with MTEF-KIT-D (with all rails, screws, parts, etc) which alles mounting two SN2100 / SN2010 side by side in 1U!

Switch comes with newest 3.10.4206 MLNX-OS / Onyx software. Original and prone to failure Innodisk 3ME3 SSD has been replaced against industrial grade Transcend MTS552T2-I!


Price: 1750,-€ + shipping (open to offers)
1x Quanta BMS T4048-IX8/BES-53248: Big Broadcom Trident3-X7 (Same as in the mighty Ruckus / Brocade ICX7850-32Q) Chip.
48x 25G SFP28 + 8x 100G QSFP28
Official SoNIC supported switch! Currently running SoNIC 2022.11!
Manufactured in 2020 -> NO AVR54 BUG!

Pictures here:
Price: 999,-€ (+ shipping)

Box has 87x59x20cm @ 13.7kg - So you can get your own UPS shipping quote from 64283 Darmstadt, Germany to wherever you want it delivered and estimate the shipping costs.
2x Edge Core AS7716-32X: The big brother of the AS7712-32X Tomahawk switch. 32x 100G QSFP28 Ports. (2x Reserved)
They have a Broadwell-D control plane, so they do not suffer from the AVR54 bug!

Rack Rails, 2x power supply and 5x fan module are included.
These switches are Whitebox switches, and officially SoNIC compatible.

Price per piece: 999,-€ (+ shipping)
Take both for 1800,-€ (+ shipping)

Pictures will follow.
2x Mellanox SX6036, 36x40G / 56G QSFP+ Ports (2x Sold)
Well, I don't think I need to say anything about this switch.

Price per piece: 300,-€ (+ shipping)

Pictures will follow.

2x Xeon Platinum 8124M: 300€ each (or best offer)

LGA3647 Skylake CPUs with 18 Cores, H0 Stepping (High TDP Stepping), 3.0GHz base, 3.5GHz boost, 240W TDP.
Those are AVX512 monsters, which still to 3.0GHz even on heavy AVX512 load on all 18 cores

CPUs are in flawless condition (no dinged corners, no scratches on LGA)

Please check compatibility to your board, those are high-TDP OEM models with TDC=255A! Supermicro X11DPi-NT requires a VRM mod / update, ASRock EPC621D8A and Gigabyte MD71-HB0 work out of the box.

2x Tesla M40 12GB: 200€ each (or best offer)

Good condition, no known defects.

Pictures to follow!
1x Tesla K80 24GB: 50€ (or best offer)
Function unknown, and honestly I'm too lazy to test.

Pictures to follow!
RESERVED 1x AMD Threadripper 1950X Bundle + ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme Motherboard + EKWB Supremacy EVO water block: 400€ (or best offer)

Good condition, no known defects. As far as I remember, CPU was very good and could be OCed quite well (both CPU and memory)

2x Xeon Platinum 8268 ES (QQ9E): 500€ each (or best offer)

LGA3647 Cascade Lake CPUs with 24 Cores / 48 Threads, 2.6GHz base, 3.7GHz boost and 210W TDP.
They should run on almost every platform that supports Cascade Lake, such as Supermicro X11DPi-NT, ASRock EPC621D8A, Gigabyte MD71-HB0
Optane PMem is supported

CPUs are in flawless condition (no dinged corners, no scratches on LGA)

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Destroyer of Mellanox switches
Aug 17, 2020

Make me offers for those Platinums! Still a lot of power for the price, Optane DCPMM capable and, most importantly, I need money for new experiments :p
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Sep 13, 2021
New Zealand
I've got a 7150-C12P sitting unused.

I'm not sure what price you're looking to pay. If you want to message me a shipping-inclusive offer then I'll give it serious consideration.
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Oct 19, 2016
Question for the RAM; would you perhaps take 31GB if the speed is 3300 to compensate or do they really have to be 32GB?


Destroyer of Mellanox switches
Aug 17, 2020
Bump - I need to prioritise a bit right now, so I'm pausing the RAM, 847 and 826S.

I am looking for 6x Supermicro 826, but new must be rev (rear window with hole for rear SSD kit, PDB-PT826-8824 power distributor)
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