FS [USA-IN]: Updated Price, added items: 6 x Intel Nuc Nuc8i7HVK, 20 x 8gb ddr4 Sodimm [W] Paypal

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Oct 18, 2019
I was directed over here from a fellow redditor and figured I would list some hardware I have. Timestamps are from reddit so they show the date and my username. you can view the thread on reddit here as well: [USA-IN] [H] 7x Intel Nuc Nuc8i7HVK, built or barebones [W] Paypal : hardwareswap

Photos/Timestamps: Nucs

I have currently 6 of the high end Hades Canyon Nucs I’m looking to sell. All have been tested and work great. They include everything that came in the box in the original box.

I can sell these with or without ram and storage. Prices are as followed and include shipping.

**6 x NUC8I7HVK "Hades Canyon" :

Barebones: $650

W/ 8 gigs ram $675

W/ 16 gigs ram $700

Add $75 to any configuration to add an EVO 970 500gb m.2 to the build

**10 x Sticks Kingstone DDR4 SoDimm: Model is HP26D4S9S8ME-8 - $35 for first stick, $30 for each after

**10 x Sticks Kingstone DDR4 SoDimm: Model is MTA8ATF1G64HZ-2G6E1 - $35 for first stick, $30 for each after

Feel free to comment or PM me.

Thanks guys
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