[FS] [US-NJ] Lenovo 64GB 4DRX4 at 266Mhz - slight catch

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Jan 10, 2023
I have 40x 64GB 2666 MHz (4Rx4 1.2V) LRDIMM Memory Modules. Looking to sell these for $100 each, but here's the catch ---

While I know these all came from a working machine, I have no idea if these DIMMs are indeed functional or not and I don't have access to a machine where i can verify all 40 modules in one shot. So I would leave it up to an honor system for whoever wishes to buy these dimms in one shot to pay for shipping, test all these out and pay for the dimms that work. I would like this to be done within the USA.

If anyone is interested, please DM me so we can figure this out.
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