[FS] [US-MN] Seagate Exos Enterprise 6TB Drives (SATA 6gbps) - <1Year POH - Warranty to 2026 - 8x Available

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Oct 20, 2021
I have a set of 8x Seagate Exos 6TB 3.5" HDD I'm selling. They are the SATA version (ST6000NM021A) so they work in PC, NAS, workstation, Server, etc. I have them listed at $60/ea, free shipping if you buy 2+ and discounts for selling the lot (preference). These have excellent health with ~8330 hours POH (<1 year) and no bad/re-allocated sectors.

4x have warranty to October 7, 2026 and 4x have warranty to November 21, 2026.

Payment through paypal invoice or local cash (discount). Thanks!