FS: *updated 1/30* Dell PowerEdge R810 E7-4870 | E7-8867L


Mar 25, 2019
Hi All,

Selling my sandbox/test cluster to free some space in the rack for new project.
will trade for DDR4 ECC memory 16GB and up

At the moment I have following configurations
* (sold) 4x Xeon E7-8870 (40 cores / 80 threads) | 64Gb RAM
* (sold) 4x Xeon E7-8870 (40 cores / 80 threads) | 128Gb RAM | H700
* 4x Xeon E7-8867L (40 cores / 80 threads) | 128GB RAM - $650
* 2x Xeon E7-8867L (20 cores / 40 threads) | 128GB RAM - $600
* 2x Xeon E7-4870L (20 cores / 40 threads) | 128GB RAM - $650

All systems come with:
  • Internal Dual-SD card module (redundant bootable)
  • Redundant Power Supply 2x 1100W
  • iDRAC6 Enterprise
  • Bazel
  • SAS Backplane (it never been used except on system with RAID controller, so comes "as-is")
Rails are $45 extra
Shipping is not included.
I have plenty of 4GB and 8GB ram modules, so I can update configuration to your needs. R810 has 32 RAM slots, all slots can be populated without speed penalty (Systems with two CPUs include Flex Bridge, so all 4 channels per CPU can be utilized)

I've been using this cluster as Proxmox and ESXi playground and as of today it runs esxi 6.7u1 without any issues.
For reference below is a snapshot of benchmark executed on 4 VMs running in parallel on host with 4x Xeon E7-8870


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