FS Supermicro 1U Xeon D 1528 w/ 32GB REG ECC, 1TB HDD; 2.5/3.5 drives, SSDs, E5-2680v2, WX3100, etc

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    I am (obviously) new here. I typically trade on [H]ard|Forum but a user there mentioned I might have better luck selling this sort of equipment here than there.

    If you have extra questions, feel free to PM me here, or message me on heatware if you prefer.

    I've been buying/trading/selling hardware for far longer than I'd like to admit, here is a link to my heatware feedback:

    My HeatWare Feedback

    I accept payments via: Google Wallet, PayPal, Venmo

    I take Paypal price as listed. Take 10% off if you pay via Google Wallet or Venmo, or Amazon/Newegg/Apple gift card.

    Prices include shipping to CONUS.


    $800 - Supermicro SYS-E200-8D Xeon-D 1528, 32GB Registered ECC DDR4-2133, 1TB HDD


    1U Supermicro mini-server system, model SYS-E200-8D.

    [Supermicro Link]

    Pre-installed in this unit:
    32GB of registered DDR4-2133 (4x8GB) (standard height)
    1TB 5400RPM 2.5" Axiom HDD (9.5mm height)

    The 2.5" drive fits above the processor even with standard height RAM, but it's a very tight fit (see pictures).

    Nice unit. Lots of network connectivity though no significant capacity for internal storage. There is an unpopulated m.2 slot on the motherboard where you could add an SSD, and it will take whatever SATA 9.5mm you want to put in there as well.

    Note: it isn't possible to put 2x 2.5" drives in this, even with low profile memory. The mounting holes for the two possible 2.5" drive positions overlap.

    Power adapter is included though not pictured.




    Seagate Constellation CS - 2TB SATA - ST2000NC001 - TEN available - $25ea, or all ten for $200
    Seagate Constellation ES.3 - 2TB SATA - ST2000NM0033 - TWO available - $25, or both for $48
    Seagate Constellation ES.2 - 3TB SATA - ST33000650NS - $30

    WD Gold - 4TGB SATA - WD4002FYYZ-01B7C80 - brand new, received as an RMA from WD and still in the static bag - $95

    Seagate ST900MM0018 - 900GB SAS12g - FOUR available - $50ea, or all four for $180

    HPE EG1200JETKC - 1.2TB SAS12g - $80

    HPE EG0900FFCSPN - 900GB SAS6g - THREE available - $70ea, or all three for $190

    HPE 875483-B21 - 240GB SSD - brand new, unopened, still in sealed HPE shipping box; got these in a lot of equipment and was planning to put them in some old desktops; didn't realize how much they were worth! - FOUR available - $300ea, or all four for $1100



    Cisco SFP-10G-SR - TEN available - nine are unopened, one is opened and unused - $9 ea, $17 pair, $75 for all ten

    I have THREE 10gbe SFP+ ethernet adapters, OEM versions of Intel X520 cards. $55ea, $140 for all three
    HP 560SFP+ 10gb adapter - low profile bracket, includes 1x HP branded 10g SR SFP+
    HP 560SFP+ 10gb adapter - standard height bracket, includes 1x HP branded 10g SR SFP+
    Cisco N2XX-AIPCI01 - standard height bracket, card only



    Hynix 32GB (4x 8GB) registered ECC DDR3-1866 - HMT41GR7AFRAC-RD - TWO kits available - $110ea, or take all 8 DIMMs for $200

    Micron 32GB (2x 16GB) registered ECC DDR4-2133 - MTA36ASF2G72PZ-2G1B1QK - $160

    Hynix 8GB (2x4GB) registered ECC DDR4-2400 - HMA451R7AFR8N-UH - $40

    Hynix 4GB (1x4GB) registered ECC DDR4-2133 - HMA451R7MFR8N-TF - THREE available - $20ea, $50 for all three


    Misc. other stuff

    Radeon Pro WX3100 - in retail packaging, opened but never used $120

    Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam - TWO available - includes base station with second USB cable for power, camera unit and remote control (tested and working). Does not include the extended "neck" for the camera or AC power adapter. $85ea or $150 for both

    Xeon E5-2680 v2 - processor only, pulled from retired system - TWO available - $140ea or $260 for both
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