FS: another SuperMicro SYS-5028D-TN4T w/32gb RAM, NVMe, lots of storage; also 2x SG500X-24P-K9 POE switches


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Oct 16, 2013
PENDING, maybe

This is a 2nd almost identical server. Its a few months older (wiser?) and has a regular HD instead of the SMR. I'm waiting on some parts for my replacement box, so I can't ship this for ~2 weeks. I obviously don't expect payment until I'm ready.

Asking $1000
for the below, shipping included to anywhere in the United States. If you're in the DFW area, I'm open to meet up.

I'd prefer to sell as a unit. The money item is really the barebones and the rest, except the RAM, isn't really worth the time.

Dates indicate when bought.

05/16: SYS-5028D-TN4T (5028D-TN4T | Mini-ITX | SuperServers | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc.)
05/16: M393A2G40DB1-CRC x2 (total 32gb 2400mhz Registered ECC)
05/16: Samsung 950 Pro NVMe 512gb
05/16: Seagate 8tb (CMR)
11/17?: Western Digital 4tb 7200rpm
06/13: Crucial M500 2.5" 240gb SATA SSD
01/13?: SolarFlare 5122F 10gb NIC dual SFP+

I bought the SolarFlare off eBay so who knows how old it actually is. Either way, it works but not with ESXi 7.

The 4tb drive was made on 11/17 but I have no idea when I actually bought it at Fry's.



I also have two Cisco SMB switches, model SG500X-24P-K9 POE. These are 24 port POE+ switches with 24 gig ports and 4 SFP+ ports. I'll throw in some MM transceivers.

  • I'd like $400 shipped for the first, since I haven't opened with it or messed with it. Its kind of loud.
  • I'd like $350 shipped for the second, since I since I opened it to replace with quiet fans. However, the quiet fans are crap and are grinding. So you'll want to replace those. haha
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