FS: 288GB of genuine HP 8GB PC3-8500R Memory


New Member
Dec 14, 2013
I have 36 of these that were pulled from some servers that were upgraded with 16GB DIMMs, so they are barely used. I ran HP Insight Diagnostics on them to make sure they were OK, but I'll also warranty them if they are DOA for some reason (refund or exchange).

These make great memory for HP G6 or G7 servers, or the Dell C6100 blades that are so popular around here.

I'm selling them for $105 for a pair (2x 8GB), although the prices I see on eBay are all over the board on these, so I'm willing to entertain offers, especially if you'd like to buy more than 1 kit and save me the hassle of separate packaging/shipping.

My eBay auction is here: HP Genuine 2 x 8GB 16GB 500206 071 PC3 8500R Memory Modules | eBay

Thanks for considering this auction.