FREE for the cost of shipping - server rack mount rails (GONE)


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Jul 7, 2016
just doing a little cleaning. found these outer rail kits that are missing the inner rails. 2 sets are Accuride 2907WB, and 2 sets are Kingslide brand, but I don't know the model. located in San Diego, California so free for pickup. i'll ship it to anyone who wants them and willing to pay for shipping. i believe you can contact the manufacturer to buy the missing inner rails. they go to metal recycler if no one wants them.

The kingslide rails:

IMG_20191012_184244036.jpg IMG_20191012_184252120.jpg IMG_20191012_184559752.jpg IMG_20191012_184618615.jpg

The Accuride slides:

IMG_20191012_184338269.jpg IMG_20191012_184354539.jpg IMG_20191012_184509589.jpg IMG_20191012_184526373.jpg
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