For Sale/Trade LPE16002 Dell branded (OF3VJ6) Australia


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May 1, 2020
third realm
Hey All

Got this 16gb fibre channel card in a recent server purchase.
I have zero use for it so might as well either sell it or trade it for something I need.

The Card comes with 2 16gb SPF modules AFBR-57F5MZ-ELX.
The card registers when connected to a server but I have no method to fully test it.

Based on prior sales I could find on these I think $200 AUD is reasonable but am open to offers

Also looking for a Mellanox Connect-X 3 dual-port 40gb/FDR. The specific model is MCX354A-FCAT

Shipping will be from Australia Victoria. overseas shipping to the USA is looking around $25 AUD for standard and $40 for express