EU For sale : IBM Tape stuff for sell


Jun 17, 2016
Hi guys,

I've got from a decomissioned business a few of tape units for sell. They are used so probably the best use for these are training/testing/lab.

Hope the prices are fair but let me know if they are high.
All have SCSI-LVD connector :

* IBM Library TS3100 - LTO 3 drive . Price : 200€
* IBM TotalStorage Ultrium Tape 2U Autoloader 3581 type 3581l3h - LTO3 drive: 125€
* IBM External Drive LTO 2 - 75€
* IBM System Storage 7214 Tape and Optical Storage Device - SAS connector on the back but no LTO drive - 50€
* IBM DS4800 Fibre Channel 4GB Array with SFPs and 4 batteries - (40kg - very very heavy)

I can provide photos of any item

I include on all a scsi lvd cable (until they ran out).

Cheers guys!