ESXI 6.7U1: passthrough NIC to a Guest win10 encountering problems

Discussion in 'VMware, VirtualBox, Citrix' started by subye, Dec 20, 2018.

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    Oct 22, 2018
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    While I can easily pass through a RTX2070, two USB expansion cards and an HBA on an ASUS WS x299 sage motherboard with ESXi 6.7u1. There is a network issue with a passthrough X540-T2 NIC. The connection drops randomly while transferring files, no matter large or small. Also, it cannot pass the Intel hardware diagnosis without casing both ESXi and win10 to crash. I am confident this is a not hardware issue. Since the problem did not happen when the host OS is win10. It only causes the issue when said NIC is passed through. Has someone encountered the same issue here?
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