EPYC 7001 in a ASUS KRPA-U16?


New Member
Jan 26, 2021

Been lurking for awhile hope someone can help with this.

I have been hunting for a EPYC single socket board with 16 DIMM slots and the only one I can find that is actually available for purchase is an ASUS KRPA-U16. I already have a 7551P that I would like to use so my question has anyone tried running EPYC 7001 processors on an ASUS KRPA-U16 motherboard?

I know that they are not supported based on the CPU list the ASUS provides KRPA-U16|Servers|ASUS Global This is the link they provided when I asked. The ASUS board is the only board I’ve run across that can’t run both 7001 and 7002 cpu’s which almost every other SP3 board seems to be capable of.

My use case is not a production system, more of a trail platform so as long as the system works and I can run (even with a few quirks) I’ll be happy. If I need to upgrade to a 7002 CPU later I can, at the moment I would prefer to spend my budget on other things rather than another CPU.

Appreciate any help you can provide