EBay - LSI Logic SAS9200-8E 2 X SFF-8088-Ports - NIB - $40


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Mar 25, 2016
Stamford, CT
Vbuild2bau, come on! that price is absolutely nuts! No price conscious buyer would pay that when they can get the card obviously cheaper. He's a nut job. When i see prices/listings like that, I think the seller is hoping some uninformed buyer would stumble on their listing and think "oh, what a great deal!" and buy it out of ignorance.

Just doing my daily "buyer beware" duties! Heheh.

Also, there is no way to justify that price. As far as those 21 sold goes, some unsuspecting buyers got fleeced. I'm sorry. That is, however, if they paid that price. Seller might have jacked up price after the 20th sale. Who knows.

Oh, and you're quite welcome Hobbyist! We try to help each other out! No paying for more when other's got it for less!

That's my motto!

Well, that... and Abella Anderson is my fantasy waifu! Yes, it's a motto.