Dell R720 with H200 - what cables should I get?


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Jun 28, 2017
I have a Dell Poweredge R720 with a single drive cage of eight 2.5" drives. It came with one of their "H310 mini mono" controllers that can't be flashed to IT mode. So I bought a Dell Perc H200 and I'm going to take out that H310.
The only problem is: the existing cable doesn't fit the SFF-8087 connectors on the H200, so I need new cables? There seem to exist original R720 H200 cable sets but they look awfully short.

So my question is: can I buy a couple of cables with SFF-8087 connectors at both ends and expect it to just work?

And speaking of the H200, can someone point me to the latest version of IT firmware for LSI 9211-8i and the instructions for flashing?



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Jul 7, 2016
well, let me start with H310 mini can be in IT mode:

also, if you plan to use SSDs, you might even consider a H710 mini in IT mode:

but, if you're sticking to the H200 anyway, here's a guide on how to figure out what kind of cable to get:

The only caveat not mentioned in that video is that Dell servers tend to use the sideband signals to check the connection between backplane and HBA, so make sure whatever cable you get has the sideband wires correct; some cheap cables exclude the sideband to lower costs.