Dell M5110 ServeRAID SAS card question

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    ok so I was digging around in my box (bought something on craigslist and guy threw in a box of cards/cables, etc..)...
    and there was an IBM PN 00AE807 board and searching on this site, lead me to it being an M5110 card.
    I put this in a Lenovo Thinkstation and it doesn't see it.. doesn't show card during boot to get into CTL-H as I found the manual said to get inside.
    I put it in a Dell and boom... weird.. the dell shows the card on boot and CTL-H and go in. Setup 2 Virtual Drives... Don't need redundancy for my test lab.

    I got it up and running with 2x 1.8tb SAS drives. Had ESXI 6.7 on it, well had it working for 2 weeks.. shut it down to do something and things went awry. I couldn't boot again. Tried a few things, and just wasn't working.

    stuck it in my Dell again and it said something weird (forget wording but googling lead me to that these cards had a problem where they would reset)….
    so I searched and found a bios upgrade.
    was on 23.00.0-0024 and flashed it with LSI firmware 23-34-0-0019_SAS_2208_FW_IMAGE_APP_3-460-115-6465 ( suggested on here as an LSI 9266-8i card)...
    well flash went great and I am up and running again. Albeit, lost everything but no biggie...

    so all that and my question...
    was the old firmware possibly the issue? Asking others that may have had that FW and had issues then upgraded fw and issues gone?

    card/512mb memory flash and battery...
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