D-1500 10G wont connect to xs708e

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Greg Zuro

New Member
Jan 14, 2017

I recently had Comcast's Gigabit Pro installed and I got one of these Supermicro (Xeon-D) units ( Supermicro SYS-5018D-FN8T Embedded Processor ) to run pfSense 'cause of the two 10G ports.

I am able to get one of those ports to connect to the Comcast-supplied Juniper unit just fine, but I want the other port to be my LAN and connect it to my xs708e. I find that this pair simply wont connect. The link lights blip at about 1Hz. pfSense logs show the connection coming up just for an instant every second. (pfSense eventually gets confused by this and has to be cycled, but that's probably a problem for another forum...).

I've swapped the ports on the Xeon side. Both fail to connect to the xs708e.
I've used three different SFP+ modules (two with copper, one with fiber). All fail (though none are from the three models mentioned by netgear as 'compatible' with the xs708e).
I've connected the Juniper to the xs708e. Works fine.
I've had the xs708 connected to my (10g) synology. Works fine.

I've resorted to adding a 10gbase-t card to the Supermicro box - which seems silly given that the box already has 8 ports built in - and that works fine when connected to the xs708e.

I'd appreciate any wisdom.