Cannibalized Dell R920, Bad Mobo. Board for Xeon E7-2850 v2?


Feb 4, 2016
Long story short, I came into possession of a trashed Poweredge 920. Had been through a fire in the rack due to explodey UPS batteries. Written off as scrap, and most of it is.

Chassis, power supply, disks, all toast from smoke. Memory is hit or miss too, heat damage i think.

I dont have a board to test the CPUs though. Theyre nice really hefty 12 core, 24 thread CPUs, seemingly LGA2011 V2. Im having trouble finding a dual socket board that will let me test em out on ebay.

Any recommendations for a cheapish board to see if these procs arent toast? CPUs are designed to take heat more than pretty much everything else in the system, so i think if anything survived the fire they might have.

I see a ton of boards that support the E5 series, but not any outside of the Supermicro X9DR7-TF+U that support E7-28xx series.

Any idea what boards outside of a Poweredge 920 board will run these?
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